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Where do we deliver?

Worldwide. We believe that there should be no limitations when it comes to beauty and beautiful jewelry so we are ready to deliver your order anywhere. If your country is not listed please contact us on following e-mail and we will individually inform you about the shipping rate and time to your country.

When do we deliver?

Members of JEWELRY PLATFORM team will process your order within 48 hours, if the item is available. You will receive an e-mail with status of your shipment as soon as the package has been shipped.
The DHL courier will contact you about the delivery time. DHL delivers from Monday to Friday.


Your order will be shipped as soon as the payment has been approved and the delivery and billing address has been verified.
While making the order, you will be asked to select a shipping address for your order. Every order can be shipped to just one location. If your wish to ship items from one order to different places, please make make unique order for unique destination.
All orders are delivered in luxurious silver box JEWELRY PLATFORM and can be accompanied with your own dedication.
In case we don’t have the item you ordered available, we will contact you by e-mail.

Shipping costs

Shipping in area 0: 14 Euro (Czech Republic)

Shipping in area 1: 14 Euro (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany)

Shipping in area 2: 15 Euro (Belgium,France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Slovenia, Great Britain)

Shipping in area 3: 16 Euro (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Spain, Sweden)

Shipping in area 4: 21 Euro (Andorra, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, San Marino...)

Shipping in area 5: 23 Euro (Albania, Belarus, Monte Negro, Iceland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey... )

Shipping in area 6: 22 Euro (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Shipping in area 7: 24 Euro (Philippines, Hongkong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand... )

Shipping in area 8: 25 Euro (Australia, Armenia, China, India, Vietnam)

Shipping in area 9: 29 Euro (Brazil, Bolivia, Egypt, Chile, Yemen, Qatar, Columbia, New Zealand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia...)

Shipping in area 10: 32 Euro (Maldives, Cote D´Ivoire, Iran, Iraq...)

If you can’t find your location above please contact us on following e-mail: to receive actual shipping costs for your country individually.
The price of shipping listed above does not include the insurance.


All packages leaving JEWELRY PLATFORM are insured against theft and accidental damage on its way to you. Once the package has been signed for, it is no longer insured.
If the package shows signs of serious damage do not sign for it. Once you sign for seriously damaged package, JEWELRY PLATFORM cannot accept your return of broken jewelry.
In case the jewelry you receive is broken and the package does not show any kind of damage please contact us immediately on following e-mail:
Please be careful with packaging and other gifts in the package you receive. None of the things in the package is a toy so keep it away from children. JEWELRY PLATFORM cannot take any responsibility for all kinds of damage and injuries caused by the packaging and/or other gifts.