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Our philosophy is to give women unique opportunity to shop for different styles and types of luxurious jewelry in one place. JEWELRY PLATFORM combines the best from each collection from the best brands from all around the world so our customers can create their own unique style for wearing jewelry everyday or occasionally. You can also let yourself get treated individually - if you click on OWN STYLE icon, you can easily share some simple information about you and your taste with us and professionals from JEWELRY PLATFORM will recommend the right style and choose the best piece of jewelry just for you!

We live for fashion and fashion jewelry and we believe that there is the right style for everyone, that´s why we try to offer vast variety of different jewelry so you can choose the best one for you according to your mood, or the occasion and complete your unique style with an outstanding piece. JEWELRY PLATFORM is located in the heart of Europe, in Prague. You can find our showroom in Prague, right next to famous Parizska street which is decorated with all important brands from fashion industry. Come to visit us and have the opportunity to join all of our jewelry!